Distribution List and Retail sync

Let’s look at a common scenario. You have created the database profiles and tested them successfully. You run any of the N-Jobs, the system shows “Successful with commerce data exchange.” in its Status messages in the Distribution schedule form. Still, nothing is replicated to the stores and the messaging tables at the HQ database and Store database are empty. There are also no temporary files in the “Work” directory for the Sync service on the server or store.

First thing that you should check if you attached the particular store to the distribution location list which is located in Retail -> Setup -> Retail scheduler -> Distribution location list.


If its still not working check your current version. In AX 2012 R2 CU7 I encountered a weird “bug” in the distribution location number that might help you. If the value is not a number for example 00001 the system won’t give you an error but it won’t send any data, there will be no messages etc. I tried it on the demo VM R2 CU6 and it seems that there it’s working so it’s only an issue in CU7.

Until next time!



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