Book review: Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Instead of a traditional blog post this will be a book review. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Updated for Version R2 is a great book to learn the basic knowledge on how to handle all basic business processes in Dynamics AX. For every process there is a brief explanation with the required steps but not much detailsĀ on all the possibilities. This is not a bad thing, otherwise the book would be thousands of pages long and that is beside the point. It is a great pocket reference for every time you need to quickly check out what is possible, not possible or available.

The book does not go into every possible module but rather goes into the major ones like:

  • Navigation and User Interface
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trade and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Management

I would recommend it for all experienced and new users of AX even just to quickly check out the features and capabilities in the modules you haven’t worked on yet.

PS: As I found it myself, this book can also be a great conversation starter.


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